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Greeting in a Business Letter

British English

If you used the recipient's name in the salutation, use 'sincerely'.

If you did not use the recipient's name in the salutation, use 'faithfully'.

American English

Use 'sincerely', no matter if you used the recipient's name in the salutation or not ('faithfully' is not common in American English).

Salutation - Greeting

British English

Dear Ms Wexley
Dear Jane Wexley
Dear Jane
Yours sincerely / Sincerely yours
Dear Sir
Dear Sirs
Dear Madam
Dear Sir or Madam
Yours faithfully / Faithfully yours

American English

Dear Ms. Wexley:
Dear Jane Wexley:
Dear Jane:
Sincerely, / Sincerely yours,
Ladies and Gentlemen:
To whom it may concern:
Sincerely, / Sincerely yours,

In emails you could also write:

  • Regards
  • Kind regards
  • Best wishes

Note: If you end the salutation with a comma or colon, use a comma after the greeting. If you didn't punctuate the salutation, don't punctuate the greeting.

Position: Write the greeting two lines below the last paragraph and left-justify it. If the date is centre-justified, however, do also centre-justify the greeting.

Leave 4 blank lines after the greeting (space for the signature) and write the sender's name below that space.