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English Grammar – Infinitive and Gerund

There are certain expressions in English that must be used with the infinitive and others that must be used the the gerund. When to use which can only be learned by studying and practising those expressions.

Check out our detailed explanation on Infinitive and Gerund where you will find extensive lists of words that must be used either with the infintive or gerund.

Exercise on Infinitive and Gerund

Complete the sentences with the correct form.

  1. We must you that your payment is overdue.
  2. We have overtime.
  3. Do you mind the window?
  4. Catherine managed an important customer.
  5. We look forward to from you soon.
  6. Jane is busy invitations for our company's anniversary celebration.
  7. Could you let me my sentence?
  8. It is hard certain customers.
  9. Let me begin by you something about our company's history.
  10. We risk a lot of money.