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English Grammar – Participles

Of the three kinds of participles, the following two are especially important for business English:

Participle Example
Present Participle = ing form a typing secretary
Past Participle a typed letter

Participles are also a common way to shorten long English sentences:

Your account shows an unpaid balance. (instead of: Your account shows a balance that has not yet been paid.)

Participles used in a text: Dissatisfied or Rude Customers Can Be Satisfied Customers

Exercise on Participles

Complete the sentences with the correct participle.

  1. Thank you for your offer.
  2. We hereby send you the contract.
  3. Thank you for your letter 30 March 2005.
  4. please find our order.
  5. responsible for the project, I put all my energy into it.
  6. Do you know the man to Tom?
  7. We hereby return the items.
  8. The goods were more expensive than .
  9. up my desk, I found Mister Thompson's business card.
  10. abroad, she hardly ever sees her family.