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English Grammar – Present Progressive

Form of Present Progressive

  • P: He is speaking.
  • N: He is not speaking.
  • Q: Is he speaking?

Use of Present Progressive

Present Progressive is used for actions in the present and focusses on the course or duration of the action.

  • Action taking place now

    Being in the middle of doing something at the time of speaking.


    Carla is preparing the briefing.
    I am looking for Mister Millers phone number.

  • Action taking place for a limited period of time only.

    Actions that don't take place regularly, but only temporarily.


    Mister Thomson is on sick leave, that's why I am doing his job.
    Three temporary employees are helping out this month.

  • Arranged future actions

    Future actions that are already arranged (and maybe even jot down in a diary)


    I am meeting Misses Walker at 5 pm.
    Bob is doing overtime tomorrow.

Signal Words of Present Progressive

at the moment, just, just now, Listen!, Look!, now, right now

Detailed Explanation and Exercises on Present Progressive

Exercise on Present Progressive

Complete the sentences in Present Progressive.

  1. I (look for) my pen.
  2. Jane (print out) the contract.
  3. As long as I am on holiday, Hannah and John (take care) of everything.
  4. Look! Graham (wear) a tie today.
  5. That's because he (meet) the big boss in the afternoon.
  6. I (work / not) tomorrow.
  7. Bob (talk / not) on the phone.
  8. What (you / do) ?
  9. Where (Mister Bradley / stay) ?