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Vocabulary Game: Better English – Step by Step

With our vocabulary game, you can improve your English the fun way. All you need is our ‘board’, a die, figures, cards and a number of friends.


Put the board on the table. Place the cards on the foto with the ego4u logo and put the figures on the START field. Every player chooses a figure and then you can start.

The first player casts the die and tries to translate the vocabulary / phrase on the top card. Is the translation correct, the player may move forward by the number cast; is the translation wrong, the player must move back by that number (or remain on START). Then it’s the next player’s turn.

The winner is who first arrives on the FINISH field.


You can use your own cards or the ones we have prepared for you. Just print out the English phrases, cut out the cards and write the translation on the back of each card. If you use coloured paper, you can sort the cards by topics.


Vocabulary Cards (PDF file with 36 cards each