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Subject: i love email

keems (204.16.125.*) wrote on 28.12.07 at 19:21

vivian wrote:

Hii Lovely One, I love your mail and I would like making you my special friend too My name is Candid Keems, am not too young or too old, I'm Lagosian, I am single staying together with a friend, am always looking sweet and special to whom can always make me happy and who can be very serious replying mail, who knows that life is nothing but God is great. And someone that can be very ingenuous and honest, and I need someone that is very romantic, sexy and caring in replying whenever I have any serious problem. I love watching movies, music, Tv and I am also interested in writing to someone and mostly I like receiving a letter and picture through post rather than email, Please I want to know more about you, and your love life, business, education, background, friends and what you like most in your life. So if you have any problem you share it with me, and if have any I will do so too. I`d like to be your true friend forever. I`ll be happy if I can hear from you soon. My number +2340823873168

> Rosa wrote:
> >hi i wanna b ya penpal,
> i can tell a litle bout ma self.
> i am 12yrs old i come from nigeria and i am quarter
> brazilian, i live in danmark, and i am a girl ...
> > Hi. nice to meet you! i'm Rosa.
> >
> > Originally my name is Eun Sil.^^
> >
> > i'm from South Korea. you konw?
> >
> > but lately i'm living in Australia, because i want to know
> > to study english more exactly.
> >
> > so last march i've moved to Australia, i've studied in
> > englisg school for 6,7 months.
> >
> > But i need to make some penpals on the e-mail.
> >
> > ^^ If you want to make a penpal with me, you'll send a
> > e-mail.
> >
> > my e-mail adress is 7651224@naver.com
> >
> > ok anyway i'm waiting your email.
> >
> > see ya!!xx
> >


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