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Exercise on Conditional I Progressive

Put the verbs into the correct form (conditional I progressive). Use would.

  1. Usually I (work) at this time.
  2. The baby (sleep) now.
  3. We (write) a test now. But our teacher is sick.
  4. If the music were better, everybody (dance) now.
  5. If I had not broken my leg, I (dive) in the Carribean now.
  6. If the weather were better, we (sit) outside now.
  7. He (watch) TV now if I had not pulled out the plug.
  8. She (go out) with that hottie if her best friend had not snapped him first.
  9. If you had taken another route, we (not / stand) in the traffic jam.
  10. (wait / she / still) for me now if I had not picked her up?