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Exercise on Conditional II Progressive

Put the verbs into the correct form (conditional II progressive).

  1. He (work) when the accident happened. But that day he went home earlier.
  2. If the storm had not frightened them, the kids (sleep) all night.
  3. If I had not send them outside, they (sit) in front of the computer all day.
  4. If he had won the race, he (celebrate) three days in a row.
  5. If he had not had to go home, we (play) chess all night.
  6. They (booze) all night. But they ran out of money.
  7. He (fly) to Australia, if he had not missed the plane.
  8. She (not / study) in Toronto for 2 years if her parents had not wanted her to.
  9. We (not walk) around in the woods all night if they had told us it was dangerous.
  10. (gamble / he) all night long if we had not stopped him?