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Exercise on Future I Simple (going to)

The following people are about to do something. You can see that they have already planned or prepared the action.

Write positive sentences in going to future.

  1. What does she need the telephone for?
    (she / call / her boyfriend)
  2. Why are they wearing sport suits?
    (they / play / squash)
  3. Why has Fiona bought chocolates?
    (She / visit / her grandma)
  4. Why do you need a map?
    (we / walk / in the mountains)
  5. What do you need the cloth and the bucket for?
    (we / wash / the car)
  6. Why are you running about with the toothbrush?
    (I / brush / my teeth)
  7. Why is daddy not coming with us?
    (he / repair / the car)
  8. Hurry up!
    (they / light / the bonfire)
  9. Why are all these tapes on the table?
    (we / learn / Greek)
  10. What do you need the pen for?
    (I / write / some postcards)