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Exercise on Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs with 'come'

Complete the phrasal verbs according to their meaning in brackets.

  1. When I was reading the paper, I (found) this article.
  2. How did this mess (happen) ?
  3. We were at a complete loss, and then Jane (produced) a brilliant idea.
  4. His new novel will (be published) soon.
  5. What it all (signifies) is that you'll have to pay more for less.
  6. For the production of his new film, the actor (came here) from the United States.
  7. Where did you (buy) this old painting in the livingroom?
  8. Do you think oil prices will (be lower) again?
  9. It was dark, when we (reached) his house.
  10. When I tried to open the door, the door handle (became detached) .