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Present Perfect Simple - Present Perfect Progressive

Exercise 9

Put the verbs into the correct tense (Present Perfect Simple or Present Perfect Progressive).

  1. Since I bought my car, I (travel / not) by train.
  2. He (learn / not) English for two years yet, but he speaks it very well.
  3. We (party / not) for a long time, but there's no food left.
  4. My sister and her boyfriend (go / not) out together for a long time. They only met three weeks ago.
  5. James (tidy / not) up his room for a long time. It's a complete mess.
  6. We (practise / not) for hours - 15 minutes were enough.
  7. Louis is absolutely tired as he (sleep / not) well for days.
  8. Dana (work / not) for days because she is ill.
  9. I (play / not) the piano for ages, so please don't ask me to perform anything.
  10. We (hang / not) about all day, we have helped grandma in the garden.