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Present Progressive - Form

Use a form of to be and the infinite verb plus -ing.

(i) Animation: formBildung


  • am with the personal pronoun I
  • is with the personal pronouns he, she or it (or the singular form of nouns)
  • are with the personal pronouns you, we, they (or the plural form of nouns)
  affirmative negative question
I I am playing. I am not playing. Am I playing?
he, she, it He is playing. He is not playing. Is he playing?
you, we, they You are playing. You are not playing. Are you playing?

Tips on how to form negative sentences and questions

(i) Animation: negative sentences and questionsnegation/question

In negative sentences, we put not between the form of be and the verb.

In questions, we simply swop the places of subject and the form of be.

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