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Exercise on Relative Clauses (Contact clauses)

Relative Pronouns - necessary or not?

Decide whether the relative pronouns must be used or not.

  1. A calendar is something which tells you the date.

  2. Strikers are soccer players who try to score goals for their team.

  3. Jane is a person who everybody likes.

  4. A stamp is something which you put on a letter if you want to send it.

  5. The Thames is a river which runs through London.

  6. Cheese is food which mice like eating.

  7. A racket is something which you use to hit a ball when you play tennis or badminton.

  8. Socks are things which you wear on your feet.

  9. A guide is a person who shows tourists around around a place.

  10. Love is a feeling which nobody can describe.