Exercise on Accomodations

Text on Booking a Room (with questions on the text)

The following text is from an online travel agency. Read the text carefully and answer our questions on the text.

The hotel has 8 Standard, 6 Deluxe, 4 Family rooms and 9 Cottages. Rooms have hot and cold shower and private balcony. Room service and laundry are available. All rooms except Cottages offer air conditioning.

Each room has two single beds, Family rooms have 4 single beds. All rooms (except for Cottages) have televisions. If you wish to make a reservation or request more information simply complete the form. Our travel staff will typically respond to any request in 1 working day. A confirmation of your booking will be sent to you via e-mail (and fax if required).

If for any reason you need to cancel your booking we would ask you to do so as early as possible by e-mailing our travel staff.

Questions on the text.

  1. Showers

  2. Air Conditioning

  3. Except for the Family rooms, all rooms are ...

  4. To book a room you must ...

  5. Everyone who makes a reservation will receive a confirmation via ...