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Commas in English

The main rule for the use of commas in English is: Keep your sentences clear. Too many commas might be distracting; too few might make the text difficult to read and understand.

Always check your texts on readability. This requires some practice, however, as first you must know which commas are necessary and which are optional.

The following chapters contain explanations on English comma rules. In our exercises you can practise what you've learned.

Comma Rules
Commas with Numbers
Commas with Salutations
Commas with Geographic Places
Commas with please
Commas with Affirmatives, Negatives and Question Tags
Commas with Adjectives
Commas with Adverbs
Commas with Enumerations
Commas between Main Clauses
Commas with Conditional Sentences
Commas with Direct Speech
Commas with Introductory Clauses
Commas with Additional Information
Commas with Opposites
Commas as Means of Readability