Word List on Presentations

I want to give you a short presentation about ...
My presentation is about ...
One of my hobbies is ...
The country that fascinates me most is ...
I'd like to tell you something about ...
I have always been interested in ... so today I want to tell you something about it.
I think everybody has heard about ..., but hardly anyone knows a lot about it.
That's why I'd like to tell you something about it.
That's why I chose the topic for my presentation.
Did you know that ...?
Did you know why ...? Well, in my presentation about ... you will find out about that.
If working with a quiz or questions on the topic
I've prepared a little quiz on the topic.
I'll now give you some questions that you can answer during my presentation.
Pay attention.
You can take notes.
In the end, there will be a quiz on the topic.
After the presentation there will be a quiz.
In the end, I will test your knowledge on the topic.