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Domestic Cat

Cats are very popular pets and there are many different breeds that all vary in size, colour and markings. An average cat reaches a length of 50-60 cm and weighs about 3-5 kg. The fur may be black, white, brown, grey, red, black and white, tabby (striped) or calico.

Cats are very good hunters and use their strong, sharp claws and teeth to grab and hold their prey. In the wild, cats feed on mice, birds and other small animals.


Cats see and hear extremely well. They can see in the dark and hear many sounds that humans are not able to hear. To feel their way round, cats use their whiskers.

Cat Language

Cats say 'meow'. If they feel very comfortable, they purr. If a cat is angry, it wags its tail, lowers its ears, and hisses or growls. Just watch your cat: eyes, ears, tail and body posture tell you a lot about how your cat feels.

Things your cat needs

  • food and water - There are many different sorts of food. Ask your vet or pet shop for assistance. Make sure that your cat always has a bowl of fresh water. Cats never drink where they eat, so put the water bowl at least one metre away from the food bowl.
  • a litter box and litter - Keep the litter box clean or you will soon have some stinky corners in your living room
  • a carrier - You'll have to see the vet from time to time. If you have to transport a cat, always use a carrier.
  • a place to sleep - This can be a fancy cat's bed, the carrier or just an old cushion or blanket.
  • toys - Pet shops have lots of toys for cats, but even rolled-up wads of paper make nice toys. The most important thing is that you take your time to play with your cat.
  • a scratching post - A cat needs to scratch its claws and if you don't have a post, your furniture will suffer.

Ramses and Tari

Meet the ego4u cats

Our two cats are Ramses and Tari. Ramses is a tabby tom-cat. He is very relaxed and his favourite activities are eating and sleeping. Tari is a black cat from the animal shelter. She is very active and loves playing and being snuggled. She doesn't like visitors, however - when someone comes to see us, she always hides away. While we are working on ego4u, Ramses and Tari are sleeping on the desk in front of the monitor.

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