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Las Vegas

Las Vegas was founded in May 1905. In 1941 the first large hotels with Spielcasinosgambling casinos were built. Since then Las Vegas has grown to become the largest city in Nevada and a major tourist attraction.

Staying in Las Vegas can be quite cheap as the rooms are usually not expensive. Its hard, however, to der Versuchung widerstehenresist the temptation of spending lots of money in one of the gambling casinos.

Las Vegas

Grammar Exercise on the Text

Simple Past or Past Progressive

We use the simple past for situations and actions in the past. By using the simple past, we only express the fact that something happened some time ago. If we want to put emphasis on the duration or course of action, however, we use the past progressive. For further information, check out our grammar section: → Simple Past / Past Progressive


Put the verbs into the correct form (simple past or past progressive).

  1. While me and my friends (drive) from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, we (pass) the Mojave Desert.
  2. When we (arrive) in Las Vegas, we (look) for a nice hotel.
  3. While I (relax) by the pool, my friends (gamble) in the casino.
  4. When I (enter) the casino, my friends (play) Black Jack.