Teaching Materials for Halloween

For better orientation, the materials are sorted by level. Some lower-level materials (e.g. games, ecards) may also be fun for students at higher levels.

Acrobat Reader

Have fun and a great Halloween.

Level 1

Hangman - Game

Fun game in which the students have to guess words. There's a special topic for Halloween, of course.

Jack O'Lantern E-Card - Fun

Why not ask your students to send you greetings on Halloween. Your students will have lots of fun creating their own Jack O'Lantern ecard.

Level 2

The Canterville Ghost - Text 159,17 KiB

We have shortened and simplified Oscar Wilde's funny ghost story so that it is great fun to read even for students at a lower level. (also available online)

The Canterville Ghost - Comprehension Test 142,79 KiB

Students can answer questions on the text and strengthen their vocabulary. One test for each chapter.

Halloween-Decoration - Instructions

Easy English instructions on how to make a Jack O'Lantern.

Level 3

The Canterville Ghost - Grammar Exercise 122,93 KiB

Why not use the Canterville Ghost story to practise some aspects of English grammar. We have prepared a worksheet for each chapter. (passive voice, simple past, past perfect simple, adjective/adverb, direct speech, reported speech, possessive case of nouns)

For simplified version of The Canterville Ghost and vocabulary exercises on the story see Level 2 (above).

Halloween Text - with questions on reading comprehension

Find out about the origins of Halloween and 'Trick or Treat'. Students can test their comprehension skills by answering the questions on the text.

Jack O'Lantern - with questions on reading comprehension

The text tells the legend of an Irishman called Jack, after whom the Halloween pumpkin is named Jack O'Lantern. Students can test their comprehension skills by answering the questions on the text.

Level 4

The Canterville Ghost - unchanged 213,85 KiB

Oscar Wilde's funny ghost story. Great fun to read.