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English Grammar – If Clauses (Conditional Sentences)

If Clause Type I

if + Simple Present, will-Future

Type I indicates what will happen, provided that a certain situation is given.


If you send your order by fax, we will deliver the goods immediately.
If you invite me for lunch, I will help you with your presentation.

If Clause Type II

if + Simple Past, would + infinitive

Type II indicates what could happen if a present situation were different.


If we had more employees, we would work more efficiently.
If we delivered poor quality, we would not be the leading company in our business.

If Clause Type III

if + Past Perfect, would + have + past participle

Type III indicates what could have happened in the past if a situation had been different then.


If you had read the paper, you would have seen the advertisement.
If I had taken the bus, I would have been late.

Detailed Explanation and Exercises on If Clauses

Exercise on If Clauses

Complete the sentences.

  1. If your conditions are competitive, we (place) an order.
  2. If I had more time, I (do) a course in business English.
  3. If we had known more about their culture, negotiating (be) easier.
  4. If you (customize) your CV, your chances of getting a job will be better.
  5. We (cancel) our order if you don't deliver the goods by Friday.
  6. If Brittany (speak) better English, she would apply for a job abroad.
  7. If you (tell) me about the problem, I would have helped you.
  8. I (let) you know if I weren't satisfied.
  9. If you execute the order carelessly, they (place / not) another order with you in the future.
  10. If I were you, I (worry / not) about the presentation.