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English Grammar – Future I (going to)

Form of Future I (going to)

  • P: He is going to speak.
  • N: He is not going to speak.
  • Q: Is he going to speak?

Use of Future I (going to)

Future I with going to is used for conclusions or decisions made for the future that have derived from analysing a present situation.


Our costs were too high last year. This year, we are going to reduce our costs.
We are going to recruit more staff.

Signal Words of Future I (going to)

in one year, next week, tomorrow

Exercis on Future I (going to)

The last marketing-campaign was not really successful. The organisers of that campaign have therefore come together to discuss what went wrong. Now they are explaining what's going to be different in the next campaign.

Complete the sentences in Future I with going to.

  1. Question: What (change / you) in the next campaign?
  2. Answer: We (start) planning the campaign earlier.
  3. And we (focus) on a specific target group.
  4. Question: How (do / you) that?
  5. Answer: We (cram / not) that much information into our campaign.
  6. Instead, the campaign (leave) just one clear message.
  7. Question: Which target group (reach / you) ?
  8. Answer: Our next campaign (target) at housewives aged 30 to 40.
  9. Question: How (get / you) these prospects to buy our products?
  10. Answer: The campaign (make) clear that these products can make life a lot easier for the housewife.