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English Grammar – Future I (will)

Form of Future I

  • P: He will speak.
  • N: He will not speak.
  • Q: Will he speak?

Use of Future I

Future I with will is used for spontaneous decisions and assumptions with regard to the future.

  • Spontaneous decisions

    Decision made from one moment to the next.


    Wait, I will help you.
    I will get myself a cup of coffee.

  • Assumptions with regard to the future

    Say what might happen in the future.


    They will probably deliver the goods tomorrow.
    Things will hopefully be better next year.

  • Conditional Sentences Type I

    Action that will happen in the future if a certain situation is given.


    If you do not do this, we will take legal steps.
    If we receive your order before noon and if we have it in stock, we will ship it the same day.

Signal Words of Future I

in a year, next …, tomorrow, If Clause Type I (If you ask her, she will help you.), assumption: I think, probably, perhaps

Exercise on Future I (will)

Complete the sentences in Future I with will.

  1. I (give) you my business card.
  2. Mister Carlisle (get) back to you in a minute.
  3. We (fax) our order.
  4. I (be) with you in a second.
  5. If you fax your order immediately, we (send) the goods today.
  6. If we do not order today, we (receive / not) the goods in time.
  7. We regret to inform you that we (be able / not) to deliver the goods within the confirmed delivery time.
  8. When (she / return) ?
  9. How long (you / be) available today?
  10. (you / take) the call?