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Exercise The three little pigs – Part 1

Fill in the correct form of the adjective or adverb.

  1. Once upon a time there were three little pigs who wanted to see the world. When the they left home, their mum gave them some advice: Whatever you do, do it the (good) you can.
  2. So the three pigs wandered through the world and were the (happy) pigs you've ever seen.
  3. They were playing (funny) games all summer long, but then came autumn and each pig wanted to build a house.
  4. The first pig was not only the (small) but also the (lazy) of the pigs.
  5. He (quick) built a house out of straw.
  6. The second pig made his house out of wood which was a bit (difficult) than building a straw house.
  7. The third pig followed his mum's advice and built a strong house out of bricks, which was the (difficult) house to build.
  8. The pig worked very (hard) , but finally got his house ready before winter.
  9. During the cold winter months, the three little pigs lived (extreme) (good) in their houses.
  10. They (regular) visited one another and had the (wonderful) time of their lives.

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