Exercise on Exceptions (Conditional Sentences with different Tenses)

Exercise on Conditional Sentences with Auxiliaries

Complete the conditional sentences (type I). Remember to use the auxiliary verbs.

  1. If it doesn't rain, we (can / go) swimming tomorrow.
  2. If you train hard, you (might / win) first prize.
  3. If we go to Canada next year, we (can / improve) our English.
  4. I (may / go) to the disco in the evening if I do the washing-up now.
  5. If we go on holiday next week, I (not / can / play) tennis with you.
  6. If you see Gareth tomorrow, you (should / tell) him that you love him.
  7. If my parents go shopping in the afternoon, I (must / look) after my little sister.
  8. He (must / be) a good drummer if he plays in a band.
  9. If you are listening to the radio after 10 pm, you (should / turn) the volume down.
  10. If you like that shirt, you (can / have) it.