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Exercise on Conditional Sentences Type 2

Janine is a daydreamer. She imagines what would happen if she won the lottery.

Complete the Conditional Sentences Type II.

  1. If I the lottery, I a chance to hit the jackpot.
  2. If I the jackpot, I rich.
  3. If I rich, my life completely.
  4. I a lonely island if I a nice one.
  5. If I a lonely island, I a huge house by the beach.
  6. I all my friends if I a house by the beach.
  7. I my friends up in my yacht if they to spend their holidays on my island.
  8. We great parties if my friends to my island.
  9. If we to go shopping in a big city, we a helicopter.
  10. But if my friends' holidays over, I very lonely on my lonely island.