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Exercise on Infinitive and Gerund

Infinitive Constructions

Imagine you work in a tourist information. Tell your colleague what the tourists asked you. Transform the direct speech into infinitive constructions.

  1. Two women asked, "How do we get to the castle?" → Two women asked
  2. A man asked, "Where can I catch the bus?" → One man did not know
  3. An old lady asked, "Why should I go to the zoo by bus?" → An old lady did not understand
  4. Some teenagers asked, "Shall we buy a map?" → Some teenagers wanted to know
  5. Two teenage girls asked, "Where can we go shopping?" → Two teenage girls asked
  6. A family asked, "Which film could we watch?" → A family wanted to go to the cinema but they did not know
  7. A couple asked, "Where can we buy tickets for the opera?" → A couple wanted to know
  8. A young woman asked, "When can I go on a sight-seeing tour?" → A young woman asked
  9. A businessman asked, "What bar can I go to?" → A businessman did not know
  10. A drunk asked, "How do I get home?" → A drunk could not remember