Exercise on Infinitive and Gerund

Exercise – Infinitive or Gerund (Mix)

Infinitive or Gerund? - Which is correct?

  1. When you come to the crossroads - stop there.

  2. Yesterday she read the first pages of her new book.

  3. I was talking to Marc. But when my boyfriend came in, I could not talk to Marc anymore.

  4. We might go to England next year.

  5. I wanted to write a letter, but I didn't know what to write. (So in the end, I didn't write one.)

  6. I am sorry now for something I said earlier on.

  7. She read the text. Then she stopped. Now I want her to continue with the text.

  8. You think your computer does not work, but you just haven't switched on the monitor yet.

  9. The joke was so funny, that he bursted out in laughter.

  10. Yesterday I remembered that last year I got sick on your carpet.