Exercise on Present Participle

Perfect Participle Active or Passive

Fill in the Perfect Participle. Decide whether to use active or passive voice.

  1. (stop) the car, the police officer wanted to see the documents.
  2. (write) the test, we felt relieved.
  3. (work) all day, we were quite exhausted in the evening.
  4. (send) to counter 24, I had to return to counter 3.
  5. (confess) , he was accused of even more criminal offences.
  6. (arrive) at the station, we called a taxi.
  7. (type) by the secretary, the letter was signed by the boss.
  8. (interrupt) several times, he was rather annoyed.
  9. (live) in Oxford for two years, she spoke English like a native speaker.
  10. (rescue) , the injured man was taken to hospital.