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Exercise on Present Participle

Combining Clauses with Participle Constructions (Mix)

Combine the clauses using participle constructions (Present Participle or Past Participle).

  1. The boy who carried a blue parcel crossed the street.
  2. The battle was fought at this place. The battle was very significant.
  3. She lay in her bed and wept bitter tears.
  4. The books which were sent to us are for my aunt.
  5. She stood at the corner and talked to her friends.
  6. The children went from house to house. They played trick or treat.
  7. He was very tall. He became a basketball player.
  8. He was waiting in the hall. He overheard a conversation.
  9. The picture which was stolen from a museum was offered on Ebay.
  10. The song which was sung last night is still in my head.