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Exercise on Present Participle

Combining Clauses with Conjunctions using Participle Constructions

Combine the clauses using participle constructions (Present, Past oder Perfect Participle). Decide whether to use the conjunctions in the participle clause or not.

  1. As she didn't have a boyfriend, she flirted with every guy she met.
  2. Since he had never been there before, he was stunned.
  3. Before he left the house, he switched off the lights.
  4. As she was on holiday, she couldn't go to the party.
  5. While she was preparing dinner, she cut her finger.
  6. When I travel around Ireland, I always stay in youth hostels.
  7. Since she didn't hear the doorbell, she missed the delivery.
  8. After I had dropped him at the station, I drove straight to the supermarket.
  9. Since he didn't feel well, he stayed in bed.
  10. While they were talking on the phone, they forgot everything around them.