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Frequently used Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs with: break, bring, call, carry, come, do, fall, get, go, keep, look, make, put, run, set, take, turn

break downfail to function
have a physical or mental collapse
break ininterrupt a discussion
soften with use (shoes)
break offdiscontinue (therapy, relationship)
break outescape from prison, begin suddenly
break upend a relationship
bring aboutcause to happen
bring forthgive birth to
bring forwarddraw attention to sth
bring oncause to happen or appear
bring roundpersuade
cause to recover consciousness
bring uprear, educate a child
call backreturn a phone call
call forrequire
call incommunicate by phone
consult a specialist
call offcancel
call outread names aloud
order workers to strike
call onrequest sb to do sth
call upreach by phone
summon for military services
carry awayremove
inspire, affect emotionally
carry offtake away (by force)
remove, degrade (earth)
carry oncontinue
carry outaccomplish, make
carry throughcomplete
bring out of difficulties
come abouthappen, to be achieved
come acrossfind/meet by chance
come afterfollow
come atattack
reach, discover
come backreturn
come bypass, go past, visit
buy, get
come downfall (price)
come down tomean, signify
come down withfall sick with
come inenter, be received
prove to be
come in forreceive, be object of (criticism)
come offbecome detached
come outbecome known, be published
be removed (stain)
come overcome from a distance
come roundvisit sb
recover consciousness
come toamount to
arrive/reach a place
come upbe mentioned/discussed
(problem) arise
come up againstbe faced with (problems)
come uponfind/meet by chance
come up tomatch (a standard)
come up withproduce an idea
do away withabolish
do updress up
fasten, secure (clothing)
do withneed
do withoutnot require
fall apartfall into pieces
fall behindfail to keep up pace
fall forbe in love with
be deceived by
fall in withmeet by chance
coincide with
fall offdecrease
drop from
fall outquarrel
fall out withquarrel with
fall throughfail, miscarry
fall tostart an activity eagerly
get acrosscommunicate (an idea)
get alongbe in good terms with somebody
get awayescape
get away withescape (punishment)
get bymanage, cope
get down toturn one's attention to sth
get inenter (car, taxi)
get offdisembark (bus, train etc.)
get onenter (bus, train etc.)
get outdisembark (car, taxi)
get overrecover (illness, upset)
get throughpass (an exam)
be connected on the phone
get toreach
get uprise from bed after sleeping
go againstbe contrary to (principles, rules)
go along withtake the same view
go awaydepart
go downbecome less
decrese in price
sink (ship)
set (sun)
go forpick up, go and get
go offexplode
deteriorate (food)
begin to sound (alarm)
go oncontinue
go outleave the house
go overinspect the details of sth
go pastpass
go roundvisit informally
go throughdeal with
discuss in detail
experience sth (usually bad)
go upincrease in price
go withmatch
keep awayprevent from / avoid being near
keep backwithhold
keep downnot to increase
keep offavoid (a topic)
stay away
keep onnot stopping doing sth
keep upcontinue, carry on
keep up withnot to fall behind sb
look aftertake care of
look down onregard with a feeling of superiority
look forseek
look forward toanticipate with pleasure
look intoinvestigate (a crime)
look onbe a spectator
look outbe careful
look overinspect hastily
look throughpretend not to see
examine the contents of sth
look upconsult a reference book
look up torespect
make forhave/produce a particular effect
make offrun away
make outrecognise, distinguish
make upconstitute, form
invent a lie
put together, prepare
apply cosmetics
make up forcompensate
regain (time)
put acrossexpress in an understandable way
put backput sth to its proper place
lay money aside for the future
move back the hands of a clock
put bysave for later use
put downrepress
write down
store (food)
put down togive as a reason, attribute to
put forwardmove forward the hands of a clock
suggest, propose
put in forbe a candidate for an election
put ondress oneself with
gain (weight)
put offpostpone
put outextinguish (a fire, light)
put throughconnect sb by phone
put upbuild
raise (hand)
provide accomodation for
offer for sale
put up withtolerate, accept
run afterchase
run awayescape, flee
run downknock down, collide with
feel weak due to overwork
run inimprison
run intomeet by chance
run offescape, flee
run outrun outside
become used up
run out ofexhaust one's stock
run overoverflow
study quickly
pass over, knock down
run up againstmeet with difficulties
set asidereserve for later use
set backhinder, slow down a progress
set downwrite down
set offcause to explode
start a journey
set upstart business
take afterfollow sb as an example
resemble in appearance
take downwrite down
take inunderstand (meaning)
take offundress
begin flight (plane)
take todevelop a habit
take upcontinue, proceed
become interested in
take up withbegin to associate with
turn downdiminish the intensity
turn inhand in
turn offswitch off
turn onswitch on
turn outswitch off
turn overbring the reverse side up
turn upincrease the intensity
make an appearance