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Present Perfect Simple - Present Perfect Progressive

Exercise 6

Put the verbs into the correct tense (Present Perfect Simple or Present Perfect Progressive).

  1. Why are you out of breath? - I (run) .
  2. The toaster is okay again. Dad (repair) it.
  3. I am so tired, I (work) all day.
  4. Your shirt is clean now. Maggie (wash) it.
  5. I'm afraid, I'm getting a cold. I (walk) home in the rain.
  6. Your clothes smell awful! (you / smoke) ?
  7. Peggy is ready for her exam now. I (help) her preparing for it.
  8. It is dark in here because we (close) the curtains. We want to watch a film and that's better in the dark.
  9. His voice is gone now because he (shout) all morning.