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Present Perfect Simple - Present Perfect Progressive

Exercise 8

Put the verbs into the correct tense (Present Perfect Simple or Present Perfect Progressive).

  1. I (play / not) the computer for half an hour, only for about 5 minutes.
  2. Bob (drive / not) a car for eight years.
  3. Carla (go / not) on holiday for three years.
  4. We (run / not) for 40 minutes yet - there are still 10 minutes left.
  5. They (smoke / not) for 10 days now.
  6. I (eat / not) anything since two o'clock.
  7. Anna (work / not) here for five years, but for seven years.
  8. I (read / not) for a long time - just 10 minutes, not more.
  9. You (cycle / not) for two hours. It was only about one hour.
  10. Catherine (speak / not) French for 10 years, so her French isn't very good now.