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Exercise on Prepositions – Place

Exercise on prepositions – The Wampanoag

Fill the gaps with the correct prepositions.

  1. The Wampanoag are the native American tribe that helped the Pilgrims the Mayflower to survive their first year the New World.
  2. The tribe was divided smaller groups, and each group was ruled a chief.
  3. The Wampanoag lived villages the southeastern coast North America. Their name means people of the east.
  4. One member the Wampanoag, Squanto, knew English because several years before he had been kidnapped and taken Europe.
  5. Squanto was the first to meet the Pilgrims and he welcomed them English.
  6. The Wampanoag shared their knowledge hunting and fishing the European settlers and showed them how to grow corn and beans.
  7. autumn, the harvest was so good that the settlers invited the Wampanoag a great feast that is now remembered as the first Thanksgiving.
  8. A treaty the Wampanoag and the settlers secured peace about 40 years, but then the settlers claimed more and more land and treated the Wampanoag disrespect.
  9. This finally led war the English and the Wampanoag (1675-1676) which the Wampanoag were defeated.
  10. The Wampanoag left their lands and moved the islands Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard.
  11. Today there are only about 2,000 Wampanoag people living the United States.