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Present Progressive - Use

Exercise on lyrics

Put the verbs into the correct form (present progressive). Use the grammatically correct form, e.g. is doing or 's doing, but not the forms you'd usually find in lyrics ('s doin oder 's doin').

  1. PINK - Get The Party Started: Everybody (to wait) for me to arrive.
  2. AVRIL LAVIGNE - Complicated: I like you the way you are when we (to drive) in your car.
  3. J'LO - Jenny From The Block: I know where I (go) and I know where I'm from.
  4. BLUE (feat. ELTON JOHN) - Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word: And it (get) more and more absurd.
  5. BLUE - U Make Me Wanna: That's why I'm here, I (write) this song.
  6. BUSTED - What I Go To School For: I guess that's why my marks (get) so high.
  7. JC CHASEZ - Blowing Me Up: There's something about you baby. It (take) me over.
  8. ROBBIE WILLIAMS - Feel: Before I fall in love, I (prepare) to leave her.
  9. EMINEM: Lose Yourself: He opens his mouth, but the words won't come out. He (choke) . How everybody (joke) now.
  10. NICK CARTER - I Got You: They say I (look) for something that can't be found.

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