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Exercise on Relative Clauses (Contact clauses)

Write relative clauses without using the relative pronoun.

  1. I gave you a book. It had many pictures.
    → The book
  2. I am reading a book at the moment. It is very interesting.
    → The book
  3. You live in a town. The town is very old.
    → The town
  4. The sweets are delicious. I bought them yesterday.
    → The sweets
  5. The football match was very exciting. My friend played in it.
    → The football match
  6. The letter hasn't arrived yet. I posted it three days ago.
    → The letter
  7. He lives in a house. The house is not very big.
    → The house
  8. They are playing a song on the radio. Do you like it?
    → Do you like
  9. Jane wore a beautiful shirt yesterday. Did you see it?
    → Did you see
  10. Sue is going out with a boy. I don't like him.
    → I don't like