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Exercise on Relative Clauses (Contact clauses)

Non-Defining Relative Clauses

Combine the sentences using relative clauses. Note that all relative clauses are non-defining.

  1. Samuel Johnson was the son of a bookseller. Samuel Johnson was born in 1709.
    Samuel Johnson
  2. In 1728, he went to Oxford. He studied at Pembroke College in Oxford.
    In 1728, he went
  3. Johnson had to leave Oxford without a degree. He was too poor to pay the fees.
  4. In 1737, Johnson moved to London. There he wrote poetry, essays and biographies.
    In 1737, Johnson
  5. In 1746, Johnson started to write his dictionary. It took him nine years to complete.
    In 1746, Johnson started
  6. His home at that time was in 17 Gough Square in London. It is a museum now.
    17 Gough Square in London
  7. In this house, his wife died in 1752. Her name was Elizabeth Porter.
    In this house his wife
  8. In 1755, the work was published. It was called A Dictionary of the English Language.
    In 1755, the work
  9. Samuel Johnson died in 1784. He is buried in Westminster Abbey.
    Samuel Johnson