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Exercise on Reported Speech

Mixed Exercise 2

Complete the sentences in reported speech. Note whether the sentence is a request, a statement or a question and whether you have to change the tenses or not.

  1. "I was very tired," she said.
    → She said
  2. "Be careful, Ben," she said.
    → She told Ben
  3. "I will get myself a drink," she says.
    → She says
  4. "Why haven't you phoned me?" he asked me.
    → He wondered
  5. "I cannot drive them home," he said.
    → He said
  6. "Peter, do you prefer tea or coffee?" she says.
    → She asks Peter
  7. "Where did you spend your holidays last year?" she asked me.
    → She asked me
  8. He said, "Don't go too far."
    → He advised her
  9. "Have you been shopping?" he asked us.
    → He wanted to know
  10. "Don't make so much noise," he says.
    → He asks us