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Exercise on Simple Past and Past Perfect

Exercise 4

Put the verbs into the correct tense (simple past or past perfect simple).

  1. When he (wake up) , his mother (already / prepare) breakfast.
  2. We (go) to London because the Queen (invite) us for tea.
  3. He (hear) the news, (go) to the telephone and (call) a friend.
  4. When she (start) to learn English, she (already / learn) French.
  5. Jane (already / type) ten pages when her computer (crash) .
  6. By the time he (arrive) at the pub, they (run) out of beer.
  7. Before that day we (never / think) of going to Japan.
  8. I (know) him for a long time before I (meet) his family.
  9. They (not / know) where to meet because nobody (tell) them.
  10. It (be) cloudy for days before it finally (begin) to rain.