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Exercise on Simple Past and Past Perfect

The Pilgrims

Fill the gaps with the correct tense. Use Simple Past or Past Perfect Simple.

  1. In the 17th century, there (be) lots of religious tensions in England.
  2. King James I (not / allow) freedom of religion in England as he (have) problems with certain religious groups in the past.
  3. That's why during his reign some people (leave) the country.
  4. In September 1620 for example, members of the English Separatist Church (go) aboard the Mayflower to emigrate to America.
  5. Before their journey to America, they (live / already) in Holland for a while.
  6. Now on the Mayflower, storms (make) the journey to America difficult.
  7. The Pilgrims only (reach) America after they (sail) the Atlantic for 66 days.
  8. Because of the delay, the Pilgrims (not / build) enough houses and they (not / collect) enough food when winter (begin) .
  9. By spring, half of the 100 Pilgrims (die) of hunger and cold.
  10. But then, in March 1621, the Pilgrims (meet) the friendly Wampanoag.
  11. One member of the Wampanoag, Squanto, even (know) English because several years before he (spend) some time in Europe.
  12. The Wampanoag (show) the Pilgrims how to hunt and fish.
  13. They also (give) the Pilgrims seeds to grow corn and beans.
  14. After the Pilgrims (harvest) the food in autumn, they (celebrate) their good harvest with the Wampanoag. This event is known today as the first Thanksgiving.