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Simple Past or Past Progressive

Exercise 6

Put the verbs into the correct tense (Simple Past or Past Progressive).

  1. A: »What (do / you) yesterday at 8 pm?«
  2. B: »I (sit) in the pub with Sam. Why?«
  3. A: »I (drive) to the sports centre at that time to play squash with a few friends. As we (be) only three players, I (try) to ring you to ask if you would like to come as well. But I (reach / not) you at home.«
  4. B: »Why (ring / not / you) my mobile?«
  5. A: »I actually (want) to ring your mobile, but by accident I (dial) William's number. He (do / not) anything special at that moment and really (like) the idea of playing squash with us.«