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Simple Past or Past Progressive

Put the verbs into the correct tense (simple past or past progressive).

  1. When I (do) the washing-up, I (break) a plate.
  2. While Tom (play) the piano, his mother (do) the washing-up.
  3. He (drink) some juice and then he (eat) a few chips.
  4. I (have) dinner when I suddenly (hear) a loud bang.
  5. When my father (work) in the garden, an old friend (pass) by to see him.
  6. She (go) to school, (take) out her textbook and (begin) to learn.
  7. When it (start) to rain, our dog (want) to come inside.
  8. When Jane (do) a language course in Ireland, she (visit) Blarney Castle.
  9. When I (be) on my way home, I (see) an accident.
  10. I (not / understand) what they (talk) about.