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Exercise Goldilocks and the three bears

Part 1

Write the verbs in simple past.

  1. Once upon a time there (be) three bears: huge Papa Bear, ordinary Mama Bear and tiny little Baby Bear. They (live) in a great big wood.
  2. One day, ordinary Mama Bear (cook) a delicious porridge for her family and (put) it into bowls: a huge bowl for huge Papa Bear, an ordinary bowl for ordinary Mama Bear and a tiny little bowl for tiny little Baby Bear.
  3. To give the porridge some time to cool down, the three bears (go) for a walk.
  4. Near the great big wood, there (live) a little girl called Goldilocks.
  5. She (be) not allowed to go into the wood. But one day, she (sneak) out of the house and (run) into the great big wood.
  6. After a while, she (come) to the house of the three bears.
  7. She (knock) at the door. She (look) through the windows. But nobody (seem) to be there.
  8. So, little Goldilocks (step) inside.

part 2