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Exercise Goldilocks and the three bears

Part 3

Write the verbs in simple past.

  1. After a while, the three bears (return) home.
  2. One look at their bowls and chairs and they (start) wondering. Something (not / be) right.
  3. They (come) into the bedroom. And there they (see) little Goldilocks in Baby Bear's bed.
  4. The three bears (watch) her for a while and then they (wake) her up.
  5. Goldilocks (open) her eyes.
  6. She (see) the bears, (begin) to scream and as fast as she (can) , Goldilocks (run) out of the bears' house.
  7. The three bears (follow) her.
  8. But at the edge of the wood, the bears suddenly (stop) .
  9. Frightened little Goldilocks, however, (not / stop) .
  10. She (hurry) home to her parents.
  11. And she never (visit) the bears' house again.

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