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Exercise on Simple Present - Present Progressive

Exercise 6

Complete the story. Use Simple Present and Present Progressive.

  1. It (be) early in the morning.
  2. Sally (get) out of bed, (open) the window and (go) into the bathroom.
  3. Then she (have) breakfast.
  4. After breakfast, Sally usually (cycle) to school.
  5. After school, she (go) back home.
  6. Sally usually (eat) her lunch at home.
  7. In the afternoons, she first (do) her homework and then she (meet) her friends in the park.
  8. What (do / she) now?
  9. She (play) the guitar.
  10. Her friends (listen) and some of them (sing) along.
  11. When Sally (come) home in the evening, she (have) dinner and then she (watch) TV.
  12. She (go) to bed at about 8 o'clock every day.