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Present Progressive Test

Test your knowledge on the present progressive. After submitting your answers, you will see how well you have done in the test.



Use the words in the first column to form sentences in the present progressive. Write the correct form (positive, negative, question) in the appropriate column.

  positive negative question
I / walk
you / read
he / speak
she / eat
it / rain
we / jump
they / play


Write the ing form of the verbs. Mind the spelling when adding ing.

  1. bake -
  2. swim -
  3. say -
  4. travel -
  5. lie -

Short Forms

Rewrite the sentences using the short form when the long form is given and vice versa.

  1. He is brushing his teeth. -
  2. I'm doing a test. -
  3. We are not joking. -
  4. I am not reading. -
  5. They aren't working. -


Choose the correct answer.

  1. I am living in London now. - What does this sentence mean?

  2. We are meeting Tom tonight. - What does this sentence mean?

  3. I'm working hard at the moment. - Is the sentence correct even if I am not working at the moment of speaking?

  4. He is playing football. - Which situation cannot be expressed by present progressive?

  5. Look! The Millers are moving house. - Which of the following situations is expressed by the present progressive?

Signal Words

Choose the correct signal word.

  1. The girl is watering the plants .
  2. We are going to the theatre .
  3. My brother is moving to Australia .
  4. they are playing our song on the radio.
  5. Greg is walking to work .

Before submitting the test, check the following:

  • Got the spelling right?
  • Put in the full stop or question mark where required?
  • Used the correct key to type the apostrophe (Shift and #)?

In the test we cannot give you a second try. Such careless mistakes would therefore cost you valuable points.