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Exercise on Accomodations

Fill in the words correctly.

advance, bunk beds, dormitory, double room, family room, key, reception, single room, twin room, vacancies

  1. If you book a room for one person, you usually book a .
  2. If you want a room with a double bed, you book a .
  3. If you want a room with two separated beds, you book a .
  4. For families there are usually special offers if they take a .
  5. In youth hostels rooms are often shared by 10 or more people. This kind of room is called .
  6. To get 10 people into one room, two beds are usually placed on top of each other. They are called .
  7. No matter where you're staying, you usually have to fill in a form at the .
  8. Then the receptionist tells you your room number and gives you the for your room.
  9. During high season it's advisable to book a room in .
  10. If a B&B is fully booked, they usually have a sign in the window saying »No «.