Word List

Shop Assistant
Can I help you?
What can I do for you?
Are you being served [səːvd]?
Sorry, we don't sell stamps.
Anything else? [ˈɛnɪθɪŋ ɛls]
It's on offer.
Buy two for the price [prʌɪs] of one.
How much / many would you like?
What size do you take?
Sorry, we are out of bread [brɛd].
Would another colour [ˈkʌlə] do?
Would you like to try it on?
The fitting room is over there.
The dress suits [suːts, sjuːts] you very well.
Pay at the cash desk / till, please.
I'll take this to the cash desk / till for you.
Here you are. / Here you go.
You're welcome.
That's 20 euros/euro altogether [ɔːltəˈgɛðə].
You don't happen to have any change [ʧeɪn(d)ʒ], do you?
Here's your change.
I need ...
I'd like a bottle [ˈbɒt(ə)l] of milk, please.
Have you got souvenirs [suːvəˈnɪə]?
Do you sell stamps?
Where can I buy post cards?
Where can I get a film for my camera?
Where can I find newspapers?
Are these bottles returnable [rɪˈtəːnɪb(ə)l]?
It doesn't fit me.
It doesn't suit [suːt, sjuːt] me.
I don't like it.
It's too small / big / wide / tight [tʌɪt] / expensive [ɪkˈspɛnsɪv].
I'm size ...
Have you got this in another [əˈnʌðə] size / colour?
May I try this on, please?
Where can I try this on, please?
How much is it?
That's all.
Where is the cash desk / till?
Could I get a receipt [rɪsiːt], please?
Could I get a (plastic) bag, please?
(I'm afraid/ Sorry) I don't have any change [ʧeɪn(d)ʒ].
Do you accept [əkˈsɛpt] credit cards?