Illuminated Picture

You need:

  • a pre-stretched canvas (20x20cm)
  • a paper napkin with the image of a house (with windows)
  • napkin glue
  • 3D snow
  • a heat-resistant transparency
  • a light chain (10 lights)
  • a paintbrush
  • an iron
  • swissors
  • adhesive tape
  • glue


  1. Apply napkin glue to the canvas. Leave until dry.
  2. Cut out the desired image from the paper napkin. Carefully take off the top layer and place it on the canvas.
  3. Iron the image onto the canvas. Use a simple flat iron only, not a steam iron.
  4. Apply 3D snow around the image.
  5. Take another part of the napkin (or another napkin) with the same image and cut out the house again.
  6. Carefully take off the top layer and place it on the transparency.
  7. Apply a layer of napking glue to fix the image to the transparency. Be very careful, however, as not to destroy the image. Leave until dry.
  8. Cut little holes into the canvas just below the windows.
  9. Take the light chain and put one light into each hole (from back to front). If necessary, use adhesive tape to fix the lights on the back of the canvas.
  10. Cut out the image from the transparency.
  11. On the back of the image, apply glue to the lower part only.
  12. Glue the lower part to its counterpiece on the canvas. The upper part of the transparency will overhang a little, due to the lights behind it.

Photo of Illuminated Picture