Want More Dream Dates than Dating Disasters?

Top Ten Dos and Donts for Finding the Right Match

(ARA) – Dating can be tough, and first dates, both good and bad, are an inevitable part of finding Mr. or Ms. Right. The quest for true love is seldom easy. But, armed with helpful online resources, some important guidelines and a positive attitude, dating can be an adventure in meeting new friends and exploring lifes possibilities.

This Valentines Day, to help todays singles better navigate the world of dating, Love.com has developed the following dos and donts to help ensure more dream dates than dating disasters in the new year.

Top Ten Dating Dos and Donts

  1. Do seek out weekend dates from friends, co-workers and online dating services. The more you reach out to let people know you are available, the more dates are likely to come your way.
  2. Dont try to be someone youre not. Just because your date turns out to be a vegetarian doesnt mean you need to order the tofu burger and fries. Neither should you sign up for the next marathon when your date mentions hes an avid jogger, particularly if you havent put on your running shoes in years. Just be yourself.
  3. Do get to know dates via e-mail and instant messaging (IM). Chat online to find out about interests and hobbies until you feel comfortable setting up a phone call or in-person meeting. When you do finally meet your date, you may feel as though youve known him or her for years!
  4. Dont talk about past relationships or exes on the first few dates. No first date wants to hear how funny, attractive or smart your ex was. Instead, spend this time learning more about the other person to find out if it's worth ordering dessert to spend more time together.
  5. Do be true to yourself and to your date by being up-front about your appearance and availability, as well as whether you are divorced, widowed or have children. If you need to arrange for a babysitter, let your date know from the get-go.
  6. Dont play games, unless youre up for a round of Scrabble. Both you and your date are looking for someone special, and its not fair to waste time on mind games.
  7. Do be honest about what you are looking for from the other person. Whether you want to hear wedding bells or just the dinner specials, key your date in. If youre not looking for the same thing, its a waste of time for you both.
  8. Dont look for other possible love matches when youre on a date. Its not fair for you to be checking out the bartender while your date is telling you his life story. Give each date a chance.
  9. Do be on the lookout for red flags. Break off any relationships at the first sign of anything that feels uncomfortable to you.
  10. Dont make snap judgments about your date. Unless hes a complete snooze or a closet psycho, give him a fair shot before writing him off. You may come to regret the hasty rejection of a potential love of a lifetime.

To try out these dating dos and donts just in time for Valentines Day, visit www.love.com, a unique online dating service that features the AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) service, the largest and most active instant messaging community in the United States.

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